Commercial access to an ARC recycling site

ARC has introduced a system for number plate payment for commercial access to ARC’s recycling stations for vehicles with Danish number plates.

For commercial vehicles with non-Danish number plates (and possibly carrying hazardous waste), payment must be made separately. Click on the link below for payment:

FAQ about commercial access to an ARC recycling site

Why has ARC introduced new system?

ARC is required by law to charge businesses for the use of the recycling sites, cf. the consumer-payer principle. ARC has chosen the new number plate system as it ensures a more cost-effective fee.

Experience from other waste companies that have the same system shows that many businesses are pleased with the system, as the charge takes place automatically and the invoice is sent electronically. On the invoice, it is specified when and at which recycling sites you have been. Thus, as a business, you also have documentation for your waste management, which can be used for the supervisory authority.

Will I be invoiced if I borrow a car with yellow number plates from a family member?
You can purchase a day pass from SKAT if the car is only registered for commercial driving. A day pass allows you to drive a car with yellow plates and a total weight not exceeding 3,5 tonnes privately, even though the vehicle is registered for “commercial transport of goods” and may not normally be used for private driving.

Anyone can buy a day pass, provided you have the permission of the owner/lessor to drive the car for private purposes. See for more information.

Once you have purchased a permit from SKAT, you must bring the receipt with you to the recycling site.

Once at the recycling site, you must contact a recycling supervisor who will ensure that your business is not invoiced for entering the site. This is done by presenting your receipt from SKAT.

What if I hire a car that has yellow number plates?
You must contact a recycling supervisor if you are bringing private waste to the site in a hired car with yellow number plates. On presentation of your car hire agreement, the recycling supervisor will ensure that you are not invoiced.

I have a car with “parrot plates” (mixed yellow and white plates for mixed commercial and private use) – do I have to pay to enter the site?
In principle, vehicles with parrot plates that are owned by a business must pay to enter ARC’s recycling sites and are therefore automatically registered for payment upon entry.

Contact the site staff if you are bringing private waste in a vehicle with parrot plates. They will ensure that you are not invoiced.

I have a car with white plates – do I have to pay to enter the site?
No, cars with white plates automatically enter free of charge. Cars with white plates are also anonymised within 24 hours, pursuant to the Danish Data Protection Act.

However, if you bring commercial waste to the site in a car with white number plates you will have to pay by purchasing a single ticket via ARC’s website.

Do I still have to pay if I’m only delivering items for recycling?
Yes. If you drive into the recycling site as a business, you will be charged automatically, regardless of whether you are only delivering commercial waste for recycling.

Will I also be charged if I use a 24-hour recycling site?
Yes, the same rules apply to the 24-hour recycling sites. However, these are unmanned and you cannot therefore contact a recycling supervisor.

If you have a car with yellow plates and have purchased a day pass from Skat, you must send ARC a copy of the pass via ARC’s website. We will ensure that your business is not invoiced for entering the site.

Can I dispose of commercial waste as a pedestrian or cyclist?
Yes, absolutely. However, you must purchase a single ticket via ARC’s website

I needed to go back to the site a second time, will I be charged twice?
If you drive back to the site within 1 hour of the first time you entered, you will only be charged once.

I’m not actually disposing of any waste – will I still be charged?
No, but you must contact a recycling supervisor who will ensure you are not invoiced for this visit.

Can I get a receipt on site?
Our recycling sites are unfortunately unable to issue receipts. But your monthly bill from ARC will include an overview of which recycling sites your commercial vehicles have visited, and when.

Can I pay cash on departure?
No, ARC will send an invoice to your e-Boks once a month.

How did you decide what to charge?
Our prices are based on the costs involved in processing the waste in the most environmentally sound manner. The charge covers processing, transport and operation of the site.

Do I have to pay both you and the municipality to enter a recycling site?
You must pay ARC to dispose of commercial waste at a recycling site.

I think it’s way too expensive to visit your recycling sites – can I avoid paying?
We are providing a service to your business. You must pay each time you dispose of commercial waste if you are a business customer at one of ARC’s recycling sites.

The Minister for the Environment has decreed that this is not a compulsory scheme. You therefore have the option of choosing another site at which to dispose of your waste, as long as that site is approved for the processing of your waste.