Visit Amager Bakke

Visit us and see what is hidden under Copenhagen’s ski slope!

We offer a visit to Amager Bakke, which includes a tour of the energy plant as well as a presentation of ARC’s work in society, including how we handle everything with waste. The visit is for companies, associations, educational institutions, organizations and other guests who are interested in ARC’s work to make the management of waste climate-neutral.

NB: We are experiencing a great demand. Therefore, we recommend that you book your visit to ARC well in advance. If there are no available times in the calendar, it means that everything is busy.

ARC is an integral part of the big city. You will see us around the city, where we run recycling centers and collect waste from the city’s citizens. ARC contributes positively to the green transition by facilitating recycling areas, where you can hunt for good things or put things away that are too good to throw away. The waste that cannot be reused or recycled, we convert into electricity and district heating. We offer a limited number of standard visits, where you can get a unique insight into the technology that converts residual waste into electricity and district heating.

The visit includes

A visit to Amager Bakke includes a presentation of ARC’s core tasks as well as a tour of the waste-to-energy plant with stops at:
• Unloading hall – where all waste comes in
• Waste silo – where the waste is stored before incineration
• Furnace and boilers – where waste is converted into energy
• Flue gas cleaning – where the smoke is cleaned of harmful substances

The visit lasts between one and a half to two hours. We basically only offer standard visits for a minimum of eight to a maximum of 25 participants, which includes a tour of the energy plant.

Please note that this is a professional visit. All inquiries with a focus on social events, skiing and showing the roof surface must be directed to

Cross section of Amager Bakke

Do you want to get a tour of one of our recycling centers? Send an inquiry to

Commercial organizers (e.g. travel agencies and incomming) are charged an administration fee of at least DKK 3900 incl. VAT. The final price depends on the number of registered guests.

Please note: In case of no-show, a no-show fee of 1000 dkk will be charged. Visits must be cancelled no later than one day (24 hours) before the visit.

Your safety

It is a requirement that you wear long trousers and practical, closed shoes when you visit us. No access to the facility with flip-flops, sandals or high-heeled shoes. Due to the many steps, you must be healthy, walking and mobile to get a tour inside the facility, and you must wear a helmet and safety vest on the tour.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to us at Please note that we do not offer specialized visits with customized content.

ARC’s visitor service has a response time of up to three working days. Unfortunately, we are not able to receive phone calls.

How to get to there

Copenhill /Amager Bakke is located on the island of Amager close to the international airport and the medieval city centre of Copenhagen